Ride to Conquer Cancer

Training for the 2013 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer begins today.

Why today? Well, I need to start losing my Christmas belly, and it seemed like as good a time as any. I’ve got work to do.

The plan is to lose 27 pounds by June 1. That’ll bring me down to 185 lbs. This seems like a reasonable weight to carry over 200 kilometres.

I’m hoping to blog about my efforts to get there.

Anyhow, check out my Ride to Conquer Cancer page and help out if you can with donations, advice, and/or comments.


Go get 'em, pops!

Go get ’em, pops!


3 Responses to “Ride to Conquer Cancer”

  1. Metastase au foie…

    […]Ride to Conquer Cancer « The Daily Gronk[…]…

  2. As of January 18 I’m 28 percent of the way to my goal of raising $2500! Visit the link above for more details on my ride and how to donate. Thanks for the support everyone!

    • February 5 was a great day for fundraising! I’m now 72 percent of the way to my goal. People have really been stepping up and tossing in their hard-earned sheckles, but there’s still a ways to go . . .

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