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Edmonton on the afternoon of June 24, 2013

Posted in Editorial on June 25, 2013 by JonH

Took the day off yesterday to take care of my sick wife and youngest son. After visiting the doctor and getting antibiotics for everyone (third round for Augger–damn persistent ear infection) I went for a little bike ride down by the river valley.

The bike path in the valley is a beautiful patchwork of interconnected routes that go from the North side of 149 street heading east and crisscrossing the mighty North Saskatchewan river all the way to Hermitage park north. (The pathway actually extend from Terwillegar in Southwest Edmonton to Hermitage, but that goes beyond the valley.)

My friend Sheldon “the freakin’ bike riding machine” Smart took me for a little ride (at least that’s what the sadomasochistic bastard called it) through part of the valley and up many hills. The paths were dry when we went out on Saturday, but he sent me this photo of a chunk of the path that was overrun with water the day after.

Where'd the path go?

Where’d the path go?

It blew me away how quickly the water rose. Here some shots I took of the same area yesterday.

hmm, kind of muddy

hmm, kind of muddy

another random cyclist try to stay clean.

another random cyclist try to stay clean.

I didn’t go much further than this, but I did manage to do a few hills with some gorgeous scenery, which, of course, I didn’t take any pictures of.

To finish off my ride I took a little chew over to my buddy Neil’s house. He wasn’t home, so I thought I should take a few shots of the things around his house just to keep his neighbour’s wondering.

pretty flower that I suspect has been growing despite Neil's "green thumb."

pretty flower that I suspect has been growing despite Neil’s “green thumb.”


My bike. Neil's house.

My bike. Neil’s house.